Sunday, March 23, 2014

Overloaded - Not Enough Hours in the Day

Due to current work load, I am currently not taking any orders or requests for work.

Thank you everyone for your requests, inquiries, and questions!

Stay tuned for more soon!

I guess it's better to be busy than bored...



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome to Whatcha Works!

Over the next year I will be developing this blog in parallel to the ScooterMcRad blog.  The Whatcha Works blog will be dedicated to the mechanical insanity and photography related to Whatcha Works' development.

Whatcha Works is a small outlet for some of my photography and projects I'm working on.  Here I will display some of the photography that is off-topic for the ScooterMcRad blog, as well as more of the business end related to design and fabrication.  Maybe some would call it a "Portfolio" or "advertising", but I would like to think of it as a place to go for help and ideas.

So stand by!  It will be a slow process, but eventually there will be something worth looking at.

Scott Schmeiser